18 Oct

It is the will of God that two people bonded in marriage remain strongly in love throughout their lives. However, couples often find it hard to do as God wills no matter how they try it since they  are riddled with numerous self weaknesses and living in God’s becomes one big challenge. Unfortunately ,there are many couples who have gone astray in their efforts to strengthen the bond between them in so as to live their married lives in the perfect will of God. With so many challenges in the modern marriage, demanding lifestyles and drastic cultural changes keeping a marriage as God wants it, require some deliberate effort. One way that a couple can ensure that it lives a happy married life in a Godly manner is attending marriage retreats which have a strong Christian foundation. Find out more  on the Jesus living water ministry.


To start with you will be in a position to learn a few things from other Godly marriages. In most case a retreat is an excellent forum to bring together those people who have similar thoughts, beliefs as well as aspirations. This means that you are likely to be going through similar challenges in marriage and you have a platform to share how best to solve these issues. This is the reason why those who belief that marriage retreats are for the newlyweds are wrong.

Second you should attend a marriage retreat since it helps you meet people who you can join hands together to develop unified ties with the sole purpose of using the marriage institution to glorify God. What most people fail to appreciate is the fact that the main role of marriage is to Glorify God. It is in the purpose of God to express his love for mankind through the marriage institution and this is the reason the bible has the analogy explaining that  Christ is the Groom and the church being the bride. Those couples who meet together are able to help others glorify Gog with their unions. Read more on the life promises for couples now.

Finally when you attend a retreat you will have a chance to break from your social and formal work and focus on your marriage. This not only brings them closer but they are also able to set higher goals for their married lives.

To ensure that you reap the benefits of a marriage retreat, it is important that you chose your retreat well. Make a point of choosing a marriage retreat who organizers are seasoned marriage counselors, they have an excellent reputation and their faith in Gog is unquestionable. You can read more here: https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/anthropology-and-archaeology/customs-and-artifacts/marriage.

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